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If your team is anything like the 92% of those we have seen in the past 7 years, it belongs to what we call “the status quo” category. You have people working together, they get the job done but there is a lack of real drive, commitment and supportive relationships. Meetings often take too long. People struggle to address issues without causing a conflict and that creates barriers to rapid progress and innovation.


If you are like the unfortunate 7% of the teams you belong to the “I-want-to-run-away” category. The atmosphere is dense, things kind of get done but honestly – no one likes spending time at work. There is lots of wasted productivity, budget, energy and delay in deadlines. Problem-solving takes ages. This gets reflected in very weak employee morale and low customer satisfaction.


The remaining 1% of teams beats those 99% in productivity by 50%-200% in every single aspect. Why? Because their strong relationships, focus and skills enable them to share opinions freely, be curious, confident and learn from mistakes. This increases not only their problem-solving and communication skills but also creativity, resilience and motivation. This is where market-leading breakthroughs happen.

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“Companies with engaged employees outperform those without
by up to 202%”

Dale Carnegie study (2016)

“You don’t inspire your team by showing them how amazing you are. You inspire them by showing them how amazing they are.”

– Robyn Benincasa

Ways to Work Together

Be #1

Ever wondered what it would be like to have all your people drive your business in one direction? Only your people can make your business #1, so let us empower them to do that. Get all your people-development needs taken care of without avoidable hassle. More cost-efficient. More time-efficient. And with transformational results.

Keep Growing

In order to keep going up, business needs to constantly keep growing. You know it and we know it too. We take time to understand your business goals and keep your team growing stronger and more driven every month after month. Want to know how Google and Apple get their people so passionate about their vision? Let’s work together!

Try and see

Get a taster of the productivity boost and get ready for the start of your team’s transformation.

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Are your needs somewhere in between? Is your team bigger/smaller than 4-12? We will make it work.

Tips & Tricks

Get inspired by team strategy tips and tricks coming to you in actionable and digestible form!
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Google Approved Team Productivity Recipe

We all know it. There is no amazing marketing without an amazing team and their smart minds to come up with it. There is no fast innovation without a team that has the drive to innovate fast. Your business is just as good as your people are. No secrets there. However,...

Lead Your Team to High Performance

If the name Bruce Tuckman and the four stages of team development cause no bell ringing in your mind, a smart thing to do would be to start by reading this first: “The Four Team Development Stages”. Unless you are an uttermost rebel. In that case, just keep reading...

The Four Team Development Stages

So you want to learn more about the four development stages? You came to the right place! Get your thinking hat on and your notepad ready. Yes. We did just tell you to use a notepad. Why? Because writing things down sky-rockets your level of information-retention. How...

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