Our Mission

Why We Do What We Do

We believe everything boils down to… tea. No, not really even though tea is some wonderful life improving stuff. We believe everything boils down to our ability to connect with each other.

When we connect, we feel safe enough to share ideas and thoughts openly, be curious, confident, inspire and be inspired. Connection increases not only our problem-solving and communication skills but also creativity, resilience and motivation.

When we compare it to shallow interactions, blaming, feeling of unimportance, being punished for mistakes, feeling like an outsider, not being listened to and lack of support, we think we have a mission well-worth pursuing. What do you think?

We at DOtsMORE make the connections happen. We connect the dots, patterns and people in order to transform the way people interact together. The more we connect, the better we feel and the better our lives get. When we connect we are no longer just small DOTS – we carry a bigger meaning. Together, we can DO MORE. Are you ready to take on a bigger mission?

Dotsmore. Connecting the world, one team at a time.